Recognition for FIFA Refrees

Referees DSA being honored by President Shaji and father figure NK Bhatia Ji

Recognition for FIFA Refrees .
(Report by Sh.N.K.Bhatia ,spokesman,DSA):
Football Delhi recognised the ExFIFA Referees, (FIFA/AFC) Instructors and National Referees for their contribution and services towards football development in Delhi and India at Ambedkar Stadium in the presence of ex and current referees including executive committee members. Football Delhi values their contribution and thank them for their  valuable services. Following members were honoured

1 Melvyn D’Souza, Ex FIFA. (Ex Referee Board Member, AIFF)
2.Sh. Krishna Avtar, Ex FIFA (Ex Referee Board Secy, DSA)
3. Sh. Ravi Shankar. Ex FIFA ( Ex Coordinator Referees Board, DSA) Presently Match Commissioner, AFC, Referee Board Member,AIFF
4. Sh Rizwan ul Haq. Ex FIFA (HOR), Referee Instructor, AIFF, Referee Board Member, AIFF
5. Mohd. Kamil, Ex FIFA, Referee Instructor/Assessor.
6. Sh. Joginder Singh, Ex National, Referee Instructor/Assessor, AIFF.     7. Sh Hakikat Singh, Senior Referee, DSA

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