How deep is Dipa’s injury?

Rajender Sajwan

Indian Gymnast Deepa Karamarkar, who performed sensationally at the Rio Olympics, is one of the lucky sports persons who has won so much Name, fame and Wealth without winning an Olympic medal as hardly any Olympic medalist would have achieved. This is also quite natural because no Indian gymnast had a such better records then her performance at RIO. But It is a pity that Dipa, who made headlines after returning from Rio, is suspected to participate at the Tokyo Olympics. It is also confirmed that due to her injury she will not participate in the upcoming World Championships. Moreover the trials held at Indira Gandhi Stadium in the capital, she was unable to turn up there also.

This confirms that she is automatically disqualified for the Olympics. In future, her claim will be at risk. The question arises that why did Sports Authority of India spent crores in the last three years on Dipa and on her coach Bishweshwar Nandi Whereas Deepa had been injured since the last Olympics held at RIO. She could not find time for her practices as she was engaged attending felicitations award ceremonies and endorsement programs and various other activities. After all, how did Dipa’s injury get so deep? Why the Sports Ministry and the Sports Authority of India have never heard of it? She could had been sent for better treatment and rehablitation. The matter is very serious and the Government should form a committee for any enquiries.After all, why was a gymnast given so much of publicity and hike who won bronze in the Commonwealth games and ranked at fourth position in the Olympics .

Since Dozens of Indian players have finished on the same rankings in various other sports but the media and governments had never given such importance and monitory benefits. Although Flying Sikh Milkha Singh and Sprint Queen PT Usha also finished on the fourth positions during their competitions but their performances were like a real champions and trendsetters for the upcoming athletes. They made India Proud during the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games No other Indian Athlete has been able to beat Usha’s records in the Asian Games till now. But what about Dipa despite of her not winning Olympic Medal she achieved everything received all major awards Khel Ratna, Padma Shri and Millions. on the other hand her Coach Nandi received Dronacharya. This question will be asked frequently by the sports communities from the Sports Associations/Bodies /Ministries and media also in the future that after even underperforming you can achieve too much in life by doing nothing.

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